How Can Acupuncture Help You Detox?

Dr Tash Nirmalarajah explains how Acupuncture may support your detox…


When people begin a detox program they often don’t think about acupuncture being helpful in the process of cleansing, however, it may help as an extra addition to whatever detox program you’re on.


The reason why? Well depending on your current health history, your diet, exercise, stress, sleeping habits and lifestyle, some people will experience more side effects compared to others as your body starts to eliminate the toxins from your body.


Many toxins are eliminated by the body while on a detox especially from the liver system and colon. As that starts to occur some people may experience headaches, constipation or bloating.


Traditional Chinese Medicine helps the body come back into a state of balance so that it can help restore health naturally. It can help calm the mind and can help strengthen the system as a whole. In Traditional Chinese Medicine each organ system has a particular emotion connected to it. Anger, joy, fear, worry, grief and sadness all are emotions that we all experience in our lives. However, when we experience stress for a long period of time, our emotions can become consuming and stressful and we may find it hard to let go and process our emotions with clarity. The constant emotional ups and downs of stress over time will affect the corresponding organ system.


Acupuncture may help you to manage and process these emotions but also may help in moving the toxins out of the body as a whole.



For example, the Liver system in Chinese medicine is one of the organs most affected by emotions and toxins from diet and lifestyle. Anger, frustration, resentment, not being able to let go of things in our lives can all affect the liver system and the quick changes in diet can also put more stress on the liver as it starts to detox.


The Large Intestine system is also another organ affected by detox as it processes the food from the small intestine, absorbs fluids and releases & let’s go of the waste we don’t need. So, we take in and let go. On an emotional level, this is important as we separate and let go of what doesn’t serve us in our life, what’s useful and useless, what’s good for us or harmful. All of these emotions in Traditional Chinese Medicine can impact the Large Intestine and put more strain on it.


So now let’s revisit our original question – can acupuncture help with a detox? We’ve established the benefits of acupuncture on releasing toxins, and we’ve established that through a detox your body can release toxins to help cleanse your body. It is only therefore beneficial that any additional help you can give your body in releasing toxins may mean that your body may go through this process more easily.