Natural Skin Care – Cosmetic Acupuncture

Beauty in a Needle – a natural skin care solution


Cosmetic acupuncture is a natural skin care solution to help firm and tone, reduce fine lines and ageing, and address problem skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and discoloration.  At Balance Complementary Medicine in Cheltenham, our practitioners are amongst the most highly qualified cosmetic acupuncturists in Australia, and our natural skin care treatments return impressive results.


Improving physical appearance with the help of acupuncture has a history dating back more than 800 years.  In the Chinese Sun Dynasty the empress and the emperor’s concubines used acupuncture to maintain their youthful allure.


To preserve beauty and live longer, 5 key principles were addressed in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):

  1. Herbal therapy
  2. Healthy Diet in accordance with the seasons
  3. Massage
  4. Exercise therapy such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi
  5. Acupuncture


So if it was good enough for ancient Chinese royalty, why shouldn’t it work for us?


Acupuncture facial renewal is a natural skin care solution that is making a comeback in the West as an alternative to invasive medical treatments.  Celebrities such as Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cher have reportedly sought its benefits.  It can be an effective alternative treatment for renewing the face, improving the signs of ageing as well as promoting health and wellness.



How Does it Work?


Acupuncture facial renewal (also known as Cosmetic Acupuncture or Acupuncture Facial) is a safe and effective treatment for renewing the face as well as the whole body.  This natural skin care treatment may erase fine lines, reduce deeper lines, and firm bags around the neck and eyes.  Fine pins are placed in various acupuncture points on the face, neck and around the eye area to stimulate the body’s natural energy or Qi (pronounced ‘chee’).  A TCM diagnosis will also determine acupuncture points on the body to improve health and overall well being.  The acupuncture points used on the face cause facial muscles to contract and release.  This results in the face lifting itself through the muscles’ toning and tightening action.  The ‘positive injury’ that occurs at the site of the pin is thought to improve elastin and collagen production.  The acupuncture pins also stimulate blood circulation, improving facial colour and radiance.



What Does it Treat?


An acupuncture facial may lead to reducing or erasing fine lines and softening deeper ones.  Patients may experience firming of the jowls, reduction of under-eye bags, and the skin will look softer and tauter.  Often people find that sagging and sunken tendencies in the face, such as droopy eyelids, crepey neck and double chin can improve, and their skin will generally look more toned.  It may also improve the appearance of conditions such as hyper-pigmentation, redness and acne.


The effects of this natural skin care treatment run much deeper than simply improving appearances.  In the TCM view, a person’s face is affected by their internal organs.  This means that the appearance of your face represents imbalances in your internal health and meridian system.  Acupuncture points are also chosen according to an individual’s TCM diagnosis, improving overall health. This means that issues such as insomnia, nervous tension and digestive complaints may also improve.



Treatment Time Frame


Acupuncture facial renewal is an organic, gradual process and a series of treatments is necessary to achieve the desired result.  A general course of treatment usually involves 12-15 sessions where the patient comes once to twice a week.  Up to 20 treatments may be needed for smokers or for people whose skin tends to sag.  After the initial treatment, the practitioner evaluates the initial response and then recommends the number of treatment sessions needed.  The patient may notice a slight improvement after the first treatment, but after the fifth treatment, an improvement will be more apparent.  Within the normal parameters of ageing, the completion of a series of treatments should be effective.  To maintain results, a treatment every two weeks for two months following the completion of a treatment series and then once a month is recommended.  A patient who has a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and water intake, sufficient rest, relaxation and regular exercise may have a better prognosis.



What does a treatment involve?


The treatment involves a TCM consultation to discuss general health and lifestyle, and what areas on their face they would like to improve.  TCM tongue and pulse diagnosis will help to determine an individual acupuncture point prescription.  The treatment begins with a herbal poultice applied to the face, which is customarily blended to the patient’s skin type.  A warm gel mask is then applied so the herbs are absorbed into the skin.  Ultra-fine acupuncture pins are then inserted into the body and face and are left in for 20-30 minutes.  The acupuncture pins are then removed and a Chinese herbal mask is applied to the face.  The mask is then removed and a moisturising cream, containing pearl powder, herbs and vitamins, is massaged into the skin using pure jade dermal rollers.  In TCM, jade is the stone of longevity and when applied to the skin brings forth Yin (moisture), Qi, and Blood to create a radiant look.  The treatment is then finished off with a spritz of toner to the face and voila! – you look and feel relaxed and renewed.


At Balance we use the chinadoll oriental herbal skincare range that has been developed by our acupuncturist Dr Clancy Street to complement cosmetic acupuncture treatments.  It is a unique product, utilising the wisdom of Chinese Medicine to create beautiful every day skin care that suits various skin types.  All the chinadoll products contain high quality herbal and organic ingredients and essential oils.



Is acupuncture facial renewal for everyone?


Cosmetic acupuncture is a safe and effective skin care solution for the prevention and treatment of the customary signs of ageing for most people.  There are however some conditions where it should not be performed.  These include:


  • Severe high blood pressure (it is okay when blood pressure is under control)
  • Severe migraines (this doesn’t mean headaches – acupuncture facial renewal can actually improve the symptoms of headache). If the patient is having a migraine only once every three months or so they can receive acupuncture facial renewal.
  • Pregnancy


Cosmetic acupuncture should also not be performed during an acute infection, or an acute facial herpes breakout.  The patient may wish to treat acute infections with general acupuncture until symptoms subside. Once these conditions have passed, the patient may receive a cosmetic acupuncture treatment.




Does it hurt?


You may experience a slight sensation where the needle is inserted, or a dull tingling or ‘lifting sensation’ that may radiate.  This is a positive sign and means that the treatment is working.  It is certainly less painful than you might think.  Plucking your eyebrows would cause more eye-watering pain than acupuncture needles.  Unlike the injection of potentially harmful chemicals into your skin, acupuncture facial renewal’s only side effect is an improved sense of health and wellbeing.




How do I make an appointment?


At Balance Complementary Medicine in Cheltenham, our therapists are amongst the most highly qualified cosmetic acupuncturists in Australia.  Dr Clancy Street also specialises in dermatology and has created the chinadoll skincare range to support cosmetic acupuncture treatments.  We are available for appointments every day from Monday through to Saturday – phone 03 9585 6635 to schedule your first cosmetic acupuncture consultation.