IVF Support

A recent systematic review by Qian et al found that acupuncture may improve the clinical pregnancy rate of women undergoing IVF.

(Qian 2016-SR of 30RCTs & MA)(119)

IVF Support - Balance Complimentary Medicine

 Acupuncture during an IVF cycle may improve the clinical pregnancy rate

From our clinic rooms in Highett in the Bayside area of Melbourne, we offer supportive acupuncture to both women and men undergoing IVF. Our programs can involve treatment at any given stage of an IVF cycle – from a complete preconception care and full supportive program, to transfer date and egg collection treatments, and emotional and physical supportive treatment.

We believe that IVF fertility acupuncture is beneficial for anyone undergoing IVF but your medical practitioner/IVF specialist may recommend IVF acupuncture when you have:

  • Multiple failed embryo transfers
  • Poor egg or sperm quality
  • Thin endometrial lining
  • Low follicle numbers
  • Stress or emotional imbalance

How our naturopathic programs can support you during your IVF:

  • Support health of eggs and sperm
  • Improve circulation to support follicle development
  • Address any nutritional insufficiencies and improve energy/wellbeing
  • Educate on diet and lifestyle to improve overall health during IVF cycles

Ways we can assist you on your IVF journey: