Our holistic wellness team

The BCM team have all been there!  We understand your concerns and want to help you to get on top of your health.  We have all worked hard on our own health, so we are passionate about getting you there.  Juanita and the Balance team understand life’s challenges but believe we can help you achieve your health goals.  If you have a health condition or simply want to feel your best come and see us today.

Dr Juanita Jolly

Acupuncturist/Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Naturopath

Juanita is the principle practitioner and clinical director.  A highly qualified doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Naturopath, Juanita has undertaken extensive studies in both Naturopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture.  Juanita has completed further post graduate studies in Japanese acupuncture, TCM obstetrics, fertility support, cosmetic acupuncture, cellular health testing and specialised comprehensive health status screening.

Specialties include:  Complex health conditions, hormonal health, fertility (men and women), IVF support, children’s health, digestive issues / allergies, and cosmetic acupuncture.

Dr Clancy Street

Acupuncturist/Chinese Medicine Practitioner, TCM Dermatology

Clancy is one of our senior practitioners and is a highly qualified and experienced doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine / Acupuncturist.  She has a special interest in treating skin conditions, and also specialises in fertility, IVF support, pregnancy and post-natal care.  Clancy has completed post graduate studies in cosmetic acupuncture, natural anti-aging, dermatology and fertility support.  Clancy is the director of her own line of Chinese herbal skin care “chinadoll”.

Specialties include:  Complex skin conditions, cosmetic acupuncture, hormonal health, fertility / IVF support, pregnancy care.

Dr Kerry Ritchie

Acupuncturist/Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Kerry is a highly qualified doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine / Acupuncturist.  Kerry brings a unique perspective on Western and Eastern Medicine into practice having previously studied biochemistry and immunology.  Kerry has completed post graduate studies in cosmetic acupuncture and is continuing her studies in this field by completing a two year gold standard facial rejuvenation course.

Specialties include:  General health, cosmetic acupuncture, facial scarring, hormonal health, muscular aches & pains, stress, and depression.

Glenn Austen

Myotherapist/Musculoskeletal Specialist

Glenn is a highly qualified and experienced musculoskeletal specialist, myotherapist and personal trainer.  Glenn provides a variety of natural techniques to provide pain relief and address chronic and acute muscular pain and dysfunction.  Glenn uses a hands-on holistic approach to formulate a custom designed therapy to make you feel and function at 100%.

Specialties include:  Any type of muscular pain relief, injury rehabilitation, postural correction, arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches and lower back pain.

Marian Jarvis

Shiatsu Therapist, Pregnancy Massage

Marian is a highly trained and nurturing Shiatsu therapist.  She studied under several world renowned practitioners and has completed further studies in pregnancy shiatsu.  Marian has a deep understanding of stress and its impact on the body and has a passion for restoring health through deep relaxation. Marian uses her extensive experience in health education to inform people about better diet and lifestyle choices.

Specialties include:  General health, stress, muscular aches and pains, women’s health and hormonal issues, pregnancy massage.

Elenor Tweedie

Massage Therapist, Bowen Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist

Elenor is an experienced and highly qualified remedial massage therapist, NST / Bowen therapist and cranio-sacral therapist.  Elenor is a leader in her field and has been in the natural medicine industry for over 30 years.

Specialties include:  Muscular aches & pains, migraines, headaches, dizziness / vertigo, children’s health and behavioral problems, birth traumas, chronic fatigue, hormonal issues, stress and anxiety.

Sophie Nikolic

Clinical Assistant, TCM Student

Sophie is studying to become a Chinese Medicine practitioner, and has plenty of tips & tricks to keep you on track with your treatment programs.  Sophie is also available to answer any questions or queries you may have outside of your scheduled appointment time.