The Right Time For Fertility Acupuncture And Why Should You Get It?

IVF Support

Chinese philosophy acknowledges that there is a primary energetic force that drives life. This primary energetic force is termed ‘Qi’. There are thousands pressure points that can be regulated through needles to regulate the flow of Qi. We, at Balance Complementary Medicine, have many Chinese medicine practitioners that specialise in providing treatments for acupuncture fertility in Melbourne.

Fertility acupuncture is an effective adjunct treatment to opt for when you’re trying to conceive naturally or through other methods such as IVF or IUI. We believe Acupuncture therapy may help you boost your fertility and improve the chances of conceiving naturally or through other conventional methods. This treatment aims to restore balance to your body and stimulate its natural system of healing.

How Does Acupuncture Help With Conceiving?

Acupuncture may improve the success rates of your IVF treatment successfully. According to different studies, acupuncture can help with:

  • Improving fertility health by regulating blood flow to that area
  • Help deal withworry and anxiety in conceiving
  • Improve hormonal imbalance
  • May help to regulate timely ovulation

Does Fertility Acupuncture Also Work For Men?

Trying for a child can be a stressful time, especially if you’re facing troubles. Acupuncture can prove to be helpful for both partners. If male infertility is suspected, it can be assisted with acupuncture treatment. We would suggest that both partners book an appointment for a consultation with us and meet our practitioners to make a better choice.

If you’re a single parent, there is nothing to be hesitant about. Acupuncture can still help boost your health and wellbeing.

In terms of male fertility, acupuncture may help improve by creating an optimal environment for improved parameters as tested for sperm health. At Balance Complementary Medicine we encourage both partners to get their specialist to conduct all the necessary tests so progress can be monitored.

When Is The Best Time For Acupuncture Treatments?

It is thought Acupuncture may help elevate your implantation rates, balance hormones, and support your planned pregnancy. Our acupuncture clinic advises women to take a suggested treatment program of three-period cycles before the planned pregnancy. This helps in preparing the body for the change it’s about to go through and is thought may improve the chances of conceiving Acupuncturist believe  this will help ensure that your fertility organs receives proper nutrition and blood flow.

Call Balance Complementary Medicine, specialising in pregnancy acupuncture in Melbourne and book your appointment.

How Stress Can Impact The Body And Fertility?

Stress sometimes goes unaccounted for. You will be surprised to know the adverse effects stress can have on one’s body. It has been suggested to cause insomnia, fertility issues, digestive issues, breathing problems, and much more. Stress tends to ride high when you’re trying to conceive. If our mind is always in a fight or flight situation, our system may prioritise functions that are designed to protect it because of the threat they can feel in the body. This type of stress can be caused because of anything; financial issues, emotional troubles, second thoughts, etc. As soon as we start pondering over these thoughts, our body has already started to account for its fight or flight response. This is not an optimal space to be in when we are wanting to bring our body into Balance.

At Balance Complementary Medicine we have been helping people on their fertility journey for over 25 years and would love to be able to guide you along the path to health.

Your best bet to make yourself feel better and relax the mind and soul is to book an acupuncture treatment that can help regularise your hormones. Just look up ‘pregnancy acupuncture near me’ or ‘acupuncturist near me’ and find your way to Balance Complementary Medicine.