Things You Need To Know About Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Have you ever observed athletes or celebrities with dark, circular, purple marks all over their bodies and wondered what it was? Or found someone who can’t get enough of acupuncture and raves about its benefits? The process of acupuncture is indeed sticking needles on the body, gently at pressure points. All of these remedies are examples of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which our Chinese herbalists in Melbourne can help you.

You’re probably wondering, what is traditional Chinese medicine and how would one describe it?

For thousands of years in China, this ancient system of health and wellness has been used by civilians. It differs from Western medicine as Western medicine focuses on treating diseases that inflict themselves on the human body. However, Chinese medicine revises the complete well-being of an individual, including the spiritual state.

Your next question is probably if Traditional Chinese medicine is safe, and how productive it is. With a bit of research, you can make informed and mindful decisions to look after your body and mind better.

The History Of Traditional Chinese Medicine & How It Works:

A wide range of philosophical frameworks, treatment protocols and modalities are what traditional Chinese medicine represents today. Many of these factors have been amalgamated and modernised over the last 2000+ years to keep adapting to our ever-changing society.

Lots of aspects of TCM itself are very different in today’s world. Chinese herbal medicine, massage, acupuncture, moxibustions, cupping and bleeding have their foundation rooted deeply in ancient classical Chinese medical history.

Let’s understand how Western medicine and Chinese traditional medicine differ from each other. Think of your body as a car. Different parts of a vehicle will need different things to make sure everything is functioning well. Very logical and scientific. On the other hand, traditional Chinese medicine does not focus solely on logic and science but also on energy, harmony and balance.

Below are two central ideas that form the foundation of TCM:

  1. Qi: Qi is also known as vital energy or life energy. The belief is that this form of energy runs throughout our bodies. This flow is constantly circulating through your body and changing. Traditional Chinese medicine treatments focus on ways in which the flow of Qi can be promoted and maintained.
  2. Yin And Yang: Yin and Yang are opposites that describe the qualities of the vital energy, Qi. Yin and Yang promote the belief that everything in our life contains polarity, and that balance is key! Just asmedicines (drugs) are important for health and well-being but if used excessively, they could be fatal.

Yin: Night, cold, dark, negative, feminine

Yang: Day, warm, light, positive, masculine

Where Can I Find A Qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner?

If you’re interested in trying something new or are searching for Chinese medicine near me as a medicinal alternative, Balance Complementary Medicine can be the answer to all your problems. Traditional Chinese medicine plays a huge role universally in keeping many people healthy. Our licensed practitioners are all APHRA registered. With extensive knowledge and experience, professionals at Balance Complementary Medicine will make sure that your experience is serene and productive, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and healthy afterwards. Give us a call today at 03 9585 6635 or email us at if you are wishing to enquire further or wish to make an appointment with us.