Treat Your Period Pain With Acupuncture

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For many women, period pain can be extremely challenging and debilitating. Some women experience pain so severe that they are unable to go about their regular activities. This can be frustrating, as women are expected to continue their work or errand-related tasks as usual, despite experiencing such extreme pain. This process is perfectly natural, given that the monthly menstrual cycle occurs on a monthly basis to prepare for a possible pregnancy. One’s period also occurs when the female body undergoes hormonal changes, where these hormones cause the lining of the uterus to build up and help the sperm reach and fertilise the egg. If the egg remains unfertilised, the lining breaks down and sheds, resulting in one’s period.  

Of course, periods are discomforting and painful. Many acupuncture clinics can offer natural acupuncture therapies to provide comfort. Balance Complementary Medicine is a natural healthcare clinic that provides various treatments for different health-related issues.

What Is Period Pain?

Before we begin, it is better to know that period pain is normal and every woman goes through it at some point in their life.

Period pain is the pain caused during your menstrual cycle when the lining of your uterus begins to shed as a result of an unfertilised egg. Period pain can be felt in the form of cramps in your stomach, a stiff or painful lower back, thighs and legs. The pain can be dull and sometimes be felt in sudden waves. Pelvic pain during your period is a normal symptom too. Sometimes you may experience more discomfort, compared to other instances where you haven’t experienced as much pain, given that, each cycle is different in terms of the strength of pain.

What Are The Causes Of Period Pain?

When the muscular wall of your uterus begins to contract, it causes period pain. Normally, contractions in your uterus are constant but they are all so mild that they can hardly be felt. However, during your period, the lining of the uterus or the womb starts to contract more vigorously, facilitating the shedding of the lining that contains hormones.

As a result of these contractions, the blood vessels in the lining of your uterus become compressed. This results in the blood supply and oxygen supply being cut off temporarily. Without oxygen and blood supply to your blood vessels, the tissues in your uterus release certain chemicals that can trigger pain.

How Can Acupuncture Help In Relieving Pain?

There are certain acupuncture points in your body that can help facilitate blood flow and can ease any pain that you’re experiencing. Similarly, during your period, some acupuncture points are thought to help the proper flow of blood to your abdominal cavity which can help relax the nervous system and calm contractions of the muscles involved.

Who Needs Acupuncture Treatment For Period Pain

For anyone that is experiencing period pain and is searching for alternatives to relax their contractions and relieve pain rather than using over-the-counter and anti-inflammatory medicines, our professionals recommend that you opt for acupuncture practices. At Balanced Complementary Medicine, we offer services for the best acupuncture in Melbourne, where you are treated with consideration and care by our highly skilled acupuncture professionals. If you’re searching for services related to acupuncture fertility in Melbourne or a qualified acupuncturist near me, we are here to help and prioritise your well-being.  Call us at 03 9585 6635 or email us at to find out more about how we can cater to your individual circumstances or for general enquiries.