7 Pain Relief Tips for Back pain During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman sitting on a bed

In addition to the joy and excitement that the announcement of a new family member’s impending arrival brings, it also brings about some significant changes and certain “pregnancy effects” that may cause the expectant mother to experience sleepless nights. One of those many effects is excruciating back pain. It gets increasingly harder for the pregnant mother to bear the pain weighing down on her back as the baby eventually grows within the womb.

These seven tips listed below will help you deal with this problem and manage your back discomfort while pregnant.

1. Choose the right footwear

Wear low-heeled (rather than flat) shoes with good arch support. Avoid wearing high heels because they can tip your posture even farther forwards and make you stumble.

A maternal support belt is another option you might consider about. Some women find the extra support to be beneficial.

2. Engage in exercise and activities

Regular exercise will keep your back strong and may even help with pregnancy-related back pain relief. Try gentle exercises like walking or swimming with a doctor’s approval. A physical therapist can also provide demonstrations of stretches and exercise routines that might be helpful.

3. Try Acupuncture For Back Pain In Pregnancy

Visit acupuncture fertility in Melbourne if you wish to attempt traditional methods rather than medicines. The acupuncturist can use traditional techniques that are risk-free for both you and your unborn child and help you relieve your low back and pelvic pain.

To locate the best acupuncturist in your area, search “acupuncture near me” or “pregnancy acupuncture near me.”

If you live in the Bayside area of Melbourne, you can come to Balance Complementary Medicine, where we provide individualised and holistic pregnancy acupuncture for back pain.

4. Lie on your side

Avoid sleeping on your back. Instead, sleep on your side. Gradually bend one or both knees. Use pregnancy or support pillows behind your back, under your belly, and between your bent knees.

5. Try massage, cold, or heat

Although there isn’t much proof to back up their efficacy, massages and applying an ice or heating pad to your back might be beneficial.

6. Go for a Pregnancy Massage

If you want some comfort and respite from back pain, you should get a pregnancy massage. A skilled therapist will assist you with proper back care while ensuring your convenience and massage the appropriate points. Furthermore, it can help you with your labour discomfort.

Please check with your doctor before seeing a therapist, especially if you are experiencing complications or have problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, and so on.

7. Maintain proper posture

Your centre of gravity moves forwards as your child gets bigger. Your lower back muscles may be strained if you compensate by leaning back to prevent falling forwards, which will add to your back pain during pregnancy. To maintain proper posture, remember to stand tall and straight, hold your chest high, keep your shoulders back and relaxed, and avoid locking your knees.

We hope that these tips can help you reduce your back pain as you get ready to welcome your little one! If you want to know more about acupuncture for pregnancy, reach out to us.