The Balance Spring into Summer Health Challenge

happy young woman losing weight with help of balancemed naturopathic experts

It’s that time of year folks… the Balance Health Challenge has returned – just in time to get ourselves summer ready! So put the chips down, get off the couch and get ready to shake off those winter blues (and muffin-tops… hmmm).

The Balance Spring into Summer challenge is 6 weeks of healthy eating and getting our bodies back into working order after hibernating for the winter.

To do this, we combine a nutritional fat loss program and detox with traditional Chinese medicine to boost your energy and keep you on track. And we are going to tailor it specifically to your individual needs so you get the most out of your program.

Everything is set out in weekly stages so it’s easy to manage – because we all know making serious changes can be hard work! So here’s the plan breakdown:

Week 1

  • Initial consultation with Sallie (our health challenge cheerleader) to receive your personal program and set you up for success
  • Sallie will also conduct a cellular health test to measure fat, muscle & vitality – this is a great starting point to track your progress during the challenge
  • Shake It program begins – start planning your meals for the rest of the week and swap your breakfast for a Shake It shake
  • Say goodbye to sugar, bread, rice & potatoes… you’re not going to see them for a while!
  • Start cutting out the booze this week too… (sorry)

Week 2

  • Shake It program in full swing – keep up your meal planning to make life easier for yourself
  • Start measuring your ketones – you should be in ketosis this week
  • Have an acupuncture treatment with Dr Tash or Dr Roy this week to get your Qi and Blood moving & support your digestion
  • Focus on increasing your water intake
  • Go for a brisk 30min walk at least 3 days this week (c’mon, it’s just once or twice around the block)
  • If you need some support with exercise planning, see Glenn for a simple program that you can do at home, tailored to your body type, lifestyle and physical goals

Week 3

  • Shake It program continues – keep up your state of ketosis!
  • Another acupuncture treatment this week to keep you focused and support your general health & wellbeing
  • Have your second cellular health test with Sallie to see how you’re tracking
  • In addition to your 3 x 30min brisk walks, try a yoga class – fantastic support for both physical and mental wellbeing

Week 4

  • Keep shaking it!!
  • Another acupuncture treatment focusing on your individual health & wellbeing
  • Increase your 3 brisk walks to 45mins each
  • Go for an additional big walk along the beach this weekend for some sand between your toes, sun on your skin (with sunscreen) – and to make your glutes work that little bit harder!
  • Now you’re using your muscles again, you might need a Myotherapy treatment with Glenn too

Week 5

  • Shake It program goes next level – DETOX begins!
  • Detox shake will replace your Shake It shake
  • Cut out the coffee and go organic for the next two weeks. Your diet will be tweaked a tiny bit, but won’t be too different to what you’re already doing
  • An acupuncture treatment will help to support your digestive system to clear out those toxins
  • Combine your exercises to include 3 x brisk 45min walks, one big walk on the beach, and a couple of yoga classes

Week 6

  • It’s the final week of your Balance Health Challenge!
  • Stay motivated with your detox and keep up your exercise regimen
  • Treat yourself to a cosmetic acupuncture treatment this week – your skin will be glowing!
  • Your final cellular health test will tell you how well you did – but you already know you did a great job because you can feel it!


By the end of your Balance Health Challenge, we hope that you will have a little more confidence to face the changing-room mirror just in time for SWIMWEAR SHOPPING! *groan*

You should at least have helped to boost your energy, lift your vitality, and feel summer ready.

Our practitioners and reception staff are here to help you every step of the way, so lean on us when you need us! We will be offering plenty of support through Facebook too, so make sure you like our Facebook page and follow our updates.

We want the Balance Health Challenge to be accessible to everyone, so it’s completely up to you how much you want to do. But obviously, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.

  • Acupuncture helps to address any underlying health issues. In Chinese Medicine, acupuncture helps to move Qi & Blood and resolve stagnation & damp – perfect way to give yourself a boost and kick-start your body after winter, to find your healthy balance.
  • Nutritional supplements & herbs may help to support fat loss and detoxification, curb the cravings, and ensure your body has everything it needs to function optimally.
  • Cellular health tests track your progress, measure fat & muscle mass and fluid retention – this is a great way to see real results from your health challenge & keep you motivated.
  • Myotherapy helps to prevent and address any musculoskeletal issues that may arise from poor posture, sleep issues and exercise routines


As we mentioned before, the more you put into this challenge, the more you’ll get out of it. But we understand that balancing the budget is important, so here is a list of everything we have suggested in the challenge to give you an idea on potential costs.  You can then pick what you like.



Initial ‘Health Challenge’ appointment with Sallie

Includes personalised program, cellular health test and  supplement prescription as required (45mins)

 $130 (for current patients)

$140 (for new patients)

Shake It Essentials Pack

Shake It Program book with access to website
Shake It protein shake (vanilla /chocolate)

Keto bars mixed box of 10 (of your choice)
Ketostix to measure your fat burning
Shake It Recipe Book
Health journal to track your diet/progress
Shake It Shaker to make your shakes on the go

Shake It program foods – ongoing:

Protein Shake (lasts for 2.5wks)

Box of 10 Keto bars (20 ‘snack’ serves)




Cellular Health Test with Sallie (20mins)

Test results explained

Prescription for supporting supplements if indicated


+ supplements additional

Detox Shake Pack (2 weeks)

Thermophase Detox Essentials + G-Tox Express

Exercise program with Glenn

2 x sessions required, 30 mins each

 $68 / session
Acupuncture with Tash or Roy (40mins)
Myotherapy with Glenn (60mins)
Cosmetic acupuncture facial with Tash or Roy (60mins)

Ask our reception team for more details – we’re here to help you spring into summer with improved health & vitality!

Just don’t wreck it all at Christmas time guys… but if you do, we can always run the challenge again in the new year.