Fermented Foods


Dr Clancy Street recently went to a ‘Fermenting Class’at Becs Table, held by the fabulous and very knowledgeable Christine Taranto. This is her take on the new super food for digestive health.

Fermentation is the breakdown and conversion of carbohydrates (sugars), naturally occurring in fresh food, into beneficial enzymes. The process of fermentation makes a food much easier to digest, dramatically increases its micronutrient content, and comes jam packed full of good bacteria which heals the gastrointestinal system and boosts immune integrity. It creates natural detoxifiers that can draw out and eliminate toxins, even some heavy metals.

This isn’t a new fad, it has been used by many cultures throughout history for its culinary difference, health benefits and preserving of all foodstuffs. Think: India and their lassi, a pre-dinner yoghurt drink, Bulgaria’s famous fermented milk and kefir drink, and Asia with its vast selection of vegetables especially cabbage, carrots and cucumbers.

Everyday modern diet sources include kombucha, kim chee, miso, kelp and spirulina, sourdough bread, cacao, coffee beans, yoghurt and wine just to name a few (all in moderation especially some of the last mentioned!!).

Our modern day lifestyle, with its fast pace, high stress, poor diet, highly processed ingredients, pollution, chemicals etc., burden and reduce the vitality of our digestion. This can contribute to reduced wellbeing, increase in illness and disease. To help counter some of these factors, it is important to support and improve the vitality of our digestive/gastrointestinal system. Give fermented foods a try.