How Naturopathy Can Help With Fertility Support

How Naturopathy Can Help With Fertility Support

Here at Balance Complementary Medicine, our naturopaths know that when it comes to pregnancy and fertility, there are many things that can make you worried. Your diet, your weight, your stress levels and the environment around you all play a role in how easy or difficult it will be for you to get pregnant. If you’re looking into Naturopathy as an option for pregnancy or fertility treatment then read on! 

How Being Unhealthy and Stress Can Affect Fertility

Stress has a lot of potential to cause problems in our life. One possible issue is fertility, with stress contributing to everything from hormonal imbalances to difficulties conceiving. Stress is a common factor in infertility problems in both adult men and women. Stress can lead to higher levels of the hormone cortisol which has been linked with lower levels of estrogen in women and testosterone in men, both important for fertility.

Did you know that unhealthy habits can be the reason for infertility in women? It’s easy to think about how an illness or disease could affect a woman’s fertility, but it may surprise you to learn that there are many things we do day-to-day which could also have an impact. For example, smoking increases the risk of female infertility by 60%. Another factor is weight – being overweight, underweight and obese can also affect the difficulty of becoming pregnant.

What can you do? Well, it’s important that we learn how to reduce the effects of stress on our bodies and minds so that we can take care of ourselves and maintain healthy lifestyles. It is also a good practice to maintain good health and wellbeing. Naturopathy can help guide you to improve both. Our Naturopaths here at Balance are experts in providing holistic ways to improve stress and wellbeing.

How can Naturopathy help?

Naturopathy is an ancient healing art that uses holistic methods to help people regain their health. Our naturopaths here at Balance Complementary Medicine believe that the body has its own wisdom and knows what needs attention first if given the opportunity to heal itself. Our naturopaths work with their patients by listening carefully so they can find out where the person’s energy flow is blocked along with any other imbalances in life which can affect fertility.

Naturopaths have been found effective in treating infertility related issues by focusing on what is going wrong in a woman’s body and then addressing it holistically through diet changes, stress management techniques and nutritional supplements.

From natural supplements and vitamins to lifestyle changes and acupuncture, our naturopaths know that there are many naturopathic options that can help women and men with fertility. By following the advice from our professional naturopaths here at Balance, you can have a better chance of becoming pregnant. With so much information out there about what people think will work best for pregnancy methods, it can be tough to know where to start.

If you are looking for a Naturopathy solution around the Bayside area our skilled and highly knowledgeable naturopaths here at Balance Complementary Medicine are more than happy to help you jump start your journey into a naturopathic option to help you with fertility.