New Year New You!

be healthy in the new year 2017

A new year brings the promise of hope for positive change in our lives. so now is a good time to take action and get your body into gear with a healthy kick-start!


New Year Resolutions

Improve health condition

Did you know that according to recent studies, more than half of Australian women and two thirds of Australian men are either overweight or obese? Clearly this is not an uncommon health condition, and many of us will face weight challenges at some point in our lives. Weight gain is not just a symptom, but actually a health condition in its own right. If you had an illness, wouldn’t you do something about it to make yourself better? So why not start the year off with a fresh start? Give yourself the gift of health and shake off those extra kilos to look and feel great this year.

Shake Off Those Extra Kilos

weight loss

Lose those extra kilos with the Shake It Practitioner Weight Management Program. This program incorporates a low carbohydrate, moderate protein eating plan with regular exercise, targeted to achieve fat loss while maintaining muscle mass. By having a weight loss program with these key elements, you are not only losing weight but also enhancing metabolism to support further weight loss. If you feel like you are carrying a spare tyre round your middle, the Shake It Program can help you lose that unwanted belly fat. Also known as visceral adipose tissue, this type of deep fat surrounds the abdominal area and organs, and is associated with an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and even dementia. All good reasons to trim down now, get healthier and reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Trust the Professionals

take help from practitioner

There can be many factors contributing to weight gain; including prolonged or recurring stress, reduced metabolic rate from low thyroid function, imbalances in blood sugar levels or hormones, toxicity and poor digestive function. Even muscle aches or pains or frequent infections may be slowing your fat loss due to the presence of inflammation. The Shake It Program offers unique benefits for you, as our practitioners can help to identify and address the underlying drivers that encourage your body to store fat and slow weight loss. This means that your weight loss program will be tailored specifically to you, in order to help you overcome the roadblocks to weight loss success. We can guide you through your weight transformation in a safe and effective way, helping you achieve your goal of losing weight and keeping it off. Staying motivated and on track with your fat loss program is made easier with consistent support. You may also be eligible for private health fund rebates by participating in the Shake It Program.

Healthy Eating For a Healthy Body

eat healthy live well

The Shake It Program is an easy-to-follow, nutrient-rich eating plan. Every day you can enjoy two healthy low carbohydrate meals, one meal replacement of a tasty shake, hearty soup or delicious bar, two low carbohydrate protein snacks and healthy oils in your diet. You will receive a guide demonstrating healthy portion control, which will also guarantee fullness and satisfaction so you won’t be left feeling hungry. There is also a recipe book available with tasty and easy recipes to try that are all suitable for optimal weight loss. Sample meal plans give you some great ideas for meals and snacks, and food lists are a handy resource to take shopping so you don’t get caught out buying the wrong foods.

The Shake It Program encourages exercise four times a week, aiming for 40 minutes each time. Recommended and fun types of exercise include walking, swimming, cycling, dancing and playing sports. Exercise plays an integral role in maintaining general health and is crucial for cardiovascular health, healthy insulin and glucose balance, optimal energy levels and of course weight management.

If there is any reason that would restrict you from doing this level of exercise, speak to your Practitioner for advice. Another key to lasting weight loss is fun and relaxation. By including more social activities, hobbies, rest and the things you find most relaxing in your daily life, you will have a positive impact on your stress levels and therefore support weight loss.

Keep a Track of Fat Burning

Track your health progess diary

Your Practitioner will provide you with the tools to monitor if your body is burning fat by testing for the presence of ketones. Ketones are a by-product of fat metabolism, created as the liver breaks down fats. If ketones are present in the urine, you can be confident that your body is burning fat stores to support your ultimate weight loss goal. You will also be provided with a food diary and journal so you can keep a track of your health goals and track your positive progress!