What is Naturopathy? All About Our Naturopaths available here in Melbourne, Bayside

Naturopathy Naturopaths in Melbourne Bayside

How Can Naturopathy Be Defined?

Naturopathy – or Naturopathic medicine, is based on a philosophy of identifying and treating the root cause of one’s condition or complaint. A Naturopathic consult can include a detailed analysis of your medical history, physical examinations, a diet and lifestyle review, and looking at relevant social and emotional factors which may be contributing to your state of health.

We look at the body as a whole system, where everything is connected. The immune system doesn’t work interdependently of the nervous system for example; they are inextricably linked. It’s our job to make the connections for the patient so they can begin to see how their emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health is intertwined and each aspect of their health effects another.

About Naturopaths at Balance Complementary Medicine

Naturopaths here at Balance Complementary Medicine hold a 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Health Science and continue to study the latest scientific research. Treatment plans are tailored to the individual patient; we know everyone has a different life experience, support system, resources and time – all of which are taken into consideration.

If your case is complex and you are under the care of your GP and specialists, our award winning team of Naturopaths can work alongside your medical team to ensure continuity of care. While the healing journey will be different for everyone, appointments can be weekly or fortnightly to begin with while we implement changes and carefully monitor treatment responses. You can have your appointments face to face in our Melbourne clinic in the bayside suburb of Highett or choose a Telehealth appointment. Once we see a certain level of health improvement, appointments are spaced out and the patient has time between appointments to make the necessary changes to achieve their health goals.

What Are The Signs Of An Expert Naturopath ?

The best Naturopaths are well versed in pathology and may refer you for functional pathology testing. These tests dive a little deeper into your biochemistry, hormones, nutrient levels and even gut microbiome health to give us a better understanding of what happening under the surface. While this type of testing usually incurs private fees, it does often speed up the treatment process and allows us to track the patients progress with accuracy.

Naturopaths use a range of modalities and treatments to support the patient back to health as well as employing strategies to focus on disease prevention. This could include dietary adjustments, nutritional supplementation, herbal medicine, education and support around the importance of exercise and mindfulness, strategies for change behaviour and resources and inspiration for the patient’s own growth and learning. Our aim is to empower the patient to feel a sense of responsibility over their own health and wellbeing.

We have the best Naturopaths available in our Bayside Clinic in Melbourne everyday as well as offering Telehealth appointments for those who can’t make it into the Bayside Clinic in Highett, Melbourne.